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In a lifetime filled with challenges, Laura Lindwall believes that our greatest strength is found in our ability to embrace and move through fear.  

The power we offer others through words of encouragement and support, has the ability to change lives by fostering a mindset of  belief.  Transformation and personal growth can flourish through self-acceptance and self-love.

Let Laura teach your group that embracing fear and vulnerability are opportunities to discover, unlock, embrace, and reveal those "things" we have all tried to hide from others.  By working with Laura, your audience/group can discover that the power of our "differences"  is what connects us all. 

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My Mission

An encourager of human possibility and potential,  Laura see's the best in people and encourages each one to find the fulfillment of living life from his/her true self.  Laura is available for Inspirational, Informational, and Transformational talks, workshops, and keynotes on living and leading a life of Authenticity, Courage, and Success. 

Workshops and Keynotes

 It is my mission and  purpose, to not only share, inspire, and encourage everyone to Live Authentically and Lead Courageously,  but to provide the tools and resources necessary to create lasting change.  

As a Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker/Trainer/Coach as well as an award-winning speaker,  I will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact me and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

Speaker Reel


"No More Pockets"

As a nationally-recognized Inspirational/Motivational Speaker who has built a speaking platform upon " No More Pockets",  Laura's story is personal.  Overcoming the insecurities of living with a birth defect,  "No More Pockets"  is a timeless message many can relate to about overcoming our perceived shortcomings and persevering through these insecurities to find the freedom and confidence of living and loving who we are. 

5-Minute Pity Party - Perseverance

We must be given the time to feel our pain, acknowledge it, and  then move through it, never giving it the power to defeat us, but instead to show  us just how strong we are. 

Because No One Told Me I Couldn't - The Power of Belief

My years as a competitive gymnast and the endless questioning, " How did you compete on bars?"  A tribute to those in our lives who never set limits on all we are capable of achieving.  

Video Testimonials

Tony Wilkinson

Principal of Rosary Catholic School

Erin Ristler


Client testimonials

Unity Northwest Church - Des Plaines, IL


"Laura Lindwall has an amazing story to tell.  I found myself hanging on each word, wondering what wisdom she would share next. The unusual twists and turns her life has taken have brought  her a special combination of life lessons that everyone can relate to.  She touches your heart with such authenticity that you want to instantly make her a friend and spend more time with her.  Go and see her now,  because she's going to break big some day. 

WESOS - Geneva, IL


"Amazing! Laura inspired everyone in the room to look at what they were allowing themselves to be held back by - so many AH-HA moments!"

Trish McEvoy Cosmetics - Walnut Creek, CA


"Laura has the unique ability to combine professionalism with deep sincerity and warmth, a winning combination that can translate from classroom to boardroom."

Toastmasters - Los Angeles, CA


"Laura moves on stage with the air and confidence of someone who has been speaking much longer, she connects quickly and deeply with her audience."

Athleta - Walnut Creek, CA


"Laura's warmth and sincerity are what connects her to others, she is incredibly natural and open. "

Future Business Leaders of America - Grays Lake, IL


"Laura's message of No More Pockets displays the confidence of someone who knows their story from that of having lived it.  Her confidence and outstanding delivery are apparent and delivered with such warmth.  Her passion for sharing her message was matched with professionalism and sincerity and we can't wait to have her back!"

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